The Most Ever Company is a semianonymous group of friends who make art. We make music, comics, film & more! We believe in the Theory of Obscurity. We consider ourselves an "art collective," though some people may call us a band, and that is ok too. We are a record label, publishing company, videogame developer, and film cooperative that frequently fragments into a wealth of sub-projects and one-off entities.


Wait... this is Emok?
EMOK is an All-American radkid topnotch coolkat. Frankly I'd count on Emok to pull through any jam when it comes down to it! He can sing and blast that blessed saxophone up in God's own penis. Even piano is not outside of his range! Emok loves to play games and is very good at winning 'em. His idiosyncratic creativity in group situations is tight, if his ego can sometimes be a bit much. But with that confident air he brings to any setup, I'm glad our Emok could help out, aren't you?
I doubt this is actually Yman.
YMAN [yee-mun] normally stays in, but we're so excited that she could make it out tonight! I see her gazing gently at the stars some nights, I wonder what could she be thinking? Her voice is heavenly, is it not? To say nothing of her skill at the flute, piano, clarinet, oboe, violin, trombone, or bassoon! And has not her intelligence, compassion & insight saved us from so many (but not all) stupidass ideas? Thank you so much, Yman!
There's no way this is Sasstra.
SASSTRA is just so much fun to be around! He really knows how to make each and every one of us feel special. And he's a fountainpen of ideas to boot, that Sasstra! Always spinning out hilarious & inventive concepts (some admittedly better than others) and everengaging in his songy muppetvoiced mumblings (a fine disguise for a finer voice beneath)! A creative & energetic drummer. Memo to myself: invite Sasstra to all parties!
Probably not Stephen.
STEPHEN can be a drag. Why must he overthink all things? Get a life! Get a job! Get a girlfriend! (Just sayin'.) Nevertheless, it is this analytic bent which has allowed us to continue in our eclectic style. Who else would do such grueling mental labor as Stephen? His neurotic arrangements, frenetic bass guitar style, tenor harmonies, and technical know-how are perhaps the roots of TMEC's live sound.

He writes comics under the penname Horselover Fat.

Possibly Em.
EM is the mysterious & compelling graphic designer & publisher for The Most Ever Company. She wouldn't let me print the comics because she says I am incompetent so she does handle that. Thanks to her, TMEC has had a lot of cool zines & publications to give out at comic conventions! Let's hear it for Em!

She publishes lots of other things here.

Is this Lloyd-Barringer?
LLOYD-BARRINGER may repel you at first (she can be a tad overbearing), but without her artistic genius I doubt TMEC would exist. A pioneering keyboardist & synth programmer, her electronic wizardry never ceases to amaze. A performance artist at heart, Lloyd-Barringer is thankful to have landed in with such an incredible & diverse batch of creatives as TMEC. And of course in return we are so thankful for her!

Sometimes she performs as the her masculine alterego, the illustrious Raymond Weilacher!

Maybe this is TMEC Rep.
TMEC REP (a.k.a. "A Representative from The Most Ever Company") is TMEC's Manager. He is me. His duties include handling all of TMEC's online interactions & typing up the garbage you are reading now. To be honest, I'm not sure why TMEC hired me. I am hardly qualified. Social interaction terrifies me to the core. This is probably why TMEC is not better known, why we can't get any performance dates recently, why we are dirtpoor. Sorry everyone!

[Contact: TMEC.rep@gmail.com]

I don't think this is Barney.
BARNEY is Vice President of The Most Ever Company. She can be rather blunt at times, but she's got more honest heart than I'd imagine you have brains. Excelling in organization & a specialist in the management of hard labour, oft Barney is she whose Will makes the wheels go round. I've also heard her play guitar and frankly I shit myself. Three cheers for Barney!
GOD is surely no longer with us. S/he was the President of The Most Ever Company, so now what do we do? Nonetheless, we all continue ever onwards. Who knows, maybe in the end it was all just some big plan or funny joke! R-right?

The following people are or were also in TMEC, or have contributed at some point (wittingly or not) probably-maybe, no guarantees