Well... here we are... it's MY PAGE!!! I know, I know.... not much to look at, is it? But... but I really wanted to make sure you all knew just who -I- am, mostly just 'cuz I'M the one who set up this CRAAAZY SITE in the first place!! Now isn't that something??

HEY!!! Be sure to check out my crazy-cool YouTube PAGE!! It's got a whole bunch of stuff by THE MOST EVER COMPANY!!!


TMEC Rep is the son-of-a-bitch SUPER-COOL-GUY who set up this TOTALLY AWESOME WEBSITE. He used to hang out with and mooch off of work with THE MOST EVER COMPANY on all their big important creative artistic projects, but those days have all LONG PASSED. Nowadays TMEC Rep just mismanages their business affairs, uploading stolen footage and archival materials as well as ersatz forgeries EXCITING NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN THE EVER-CONTINUING HISTORY OF TMEC to YouTube, this website, etc. and making up total bullshit coming up with innovative new ways to market THE MOST EVER COMPANY and their wares to the hip, information-savvy youth of today.


Okay, okay, fine... My real name is Homer J. Flynn III and I live in SAN FRANCISCO with my 29 RAINBOW LEAPYEAR DAUGHTERS. I founded THE RESIDENTS and THE CRYPTIC CORPORATION together with my buddies JOHN PAUL GEORGE RINGO BINGO BONGO and MATT GROENING way back in 1492 but and I decided to made up the whole THE MOST EVER COMPANY thing last Tuesday and so I had my butler whip up this site as a really funny joke.

You caught me!

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