Hey guys!!! It's ME!!! You know.... your old pal.... "TMEC REP" !!!! Welcome to the AMAZING SITE I just set up, CHOCK FULL of stuff I STOLE... er... HELPED MAKE as a member of THE MOST EVER COMPANY all those years ago... plus some exciting NEW stuff I hired a crack team of imposters to manufacture WORKED WITH MY OLD BUDDIES TO MAKE a bit more recently... Anyway, I gotta go... drop me a line at tmec.rep@gmail.com if'n ya wanna CHAT...!!

And HEY!! Be sure to check out my OUR exciting YouTube PAGE !!! ... where we're storing any VIDEOS we're embedding on THIS SITE... which is still the PRIME DOCUMENT!!! FUCK YOUTUBE!!!!

October 31, 2019


WELP...... it's HALLOWEEEN!!!! ...... and ya'll know what THAT means, dotcha???


It means... uploadin more stuff AND we gotta special announcement for ya'll's on the YOUTUBE CHANEL at somepoint an stuff an 'cuz well.... y'know....

.... it's HALLOWEEENN!!!!!!!!!

(.... other than that the site's still under construction it's not even CLOSE to being finnished but sorry huh we're uhhhh WORKIN ON IT)

October 1, 2019


This is a NEWSITE which is SET UP NOW that I put together, and it's really great and I really hope you all like it! I am TMEC REP and I'm the one who is calling THE SHOTS, YA"LL. (?) .... So just enjoy all the stuff we're gonna post now,.... ok??

Oh yeah .... I guess a whole bunch of it IS under construction........ WELL WHATEVER WAAHAHAHAHAA

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