Chimp Change

Chimp Change is a duo. They claim to have been friends since birth. Their earliest releases were recorded using exclusively Lego® brand equipment. Their music is characterized by harsh, uncommercial noise with a pop sensibility. The members of Chimp Change prefer anonymity, adopting a new disguise with each major release.


TMEC 0005 Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding / Frogs & Coughs [Single]
TMEC 0010 I'm Just Like Everyone Else / Super Fat Bros. [Single]
TMEC 0015 Forget the Rubbish! We're Chimp Change [EP]
TMEC 0016 Yu-gi-oh! GX Theme / Mike Sings Sailor Moon [Single]
TMEC 0089 Take Me On! / Smile Like You Mean It [Single]
TMEC 0555 Chimp Change [EP]
The only known photo of Chimp Change.