TMEC #3016 MLP Comics Series Vol. 1

Title MLP Comics Series Vol. 1
TMEC# 3016
Artist Horselover Fat
Medium Comics
Type Issue
Genre Pony
Release date 2016
Release info Limited to 15 copies

A compilation of 28 + 2 comics by Horselover Fat, featuring bizarre interpretations of the characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as they struggle with schizophrenia, depression, & other sundry horrors of existence.

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"A very strange comic I deeply appreciate."


"I feel... unsettled... there's no other word for what I'm experiencing... What is this?"


"Why [do] all of [these] comics make sense to me? Why are they so beautifully-worded?"


"I like that in Horselover Fat's series, the symbolism is often that of or inextricable from the confusion of or lack of (that self-same) symbolism itself. Yet somehow we interpret it, and this is precisely part of it."


"Good art is reflected in the dialectics of its distributed analysis, and I have never seen an MLP comic series garner such an ambient discussion as this one."


"These are lovely. What a precious mind that must have created this."


"[Horselover Fat] definitely knows what he's doing. The only thing stopping these comics from being a literary masterpiece is the ponies. Fuck, I bet I could write an essay on these, they're really complex and subtle."


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