TMEC #3001 Pony Zine

Title Pony Zine
TMEC# 3001
Artist The Most Ever Company / Various
Medium Comics
Type Zine
Genre Pony
Release date 2012
Release info 60 copies; handed out at Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF)

A frighteningly surreal compilation of 18 works from 9 artists celebrating Lauren Faust's contributions to myth, madness, and childrens' television. Highlights include Em's Cronenbergesque Harmony, Horselover Fat's dark ruminations on art & meaninglessness in The Complete Truth About De-evolution & Michael Dean's emotionally devastating Friendship is Magic roleplay scenario (inspired by the works of Vi åker jeep, Frederik Olsen, & Lars Von Trier).


"It looks really good."

-Pendleton Ward

"It looks like it will be a good read."

-Andrew Hussie


-Brian Lee O'Malley

"I come in to work and a copy of this is sittin' on my desk and I'm scared. No one has said anything and no one mentioned it. Is it even real, where am I?"

-KC Green

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